Audrey-Flore N.

Board Member - Corporate Social Responsibility strategist - Expert in sustainable development
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Plus de 20 ans d'expérience


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Expert in corporate sustainability (CSR), PhD in physical and analytical chemistry, Dr. Audrey-Flore N is the CEO of Trianon Scientific Communication.


 She co-founded a management consulting firm which helps the businesses with the highest CO2 emissions to reconcile sustainability and profitability.


Board member of several organisations, she believes that diverse leadership and inclusive environments foster innovation, problem-solving skills, and produce more revenues.


Therefore, she does not only strategize on the way to be more environmentally sustainable, but use her data driven approach to also help companies increase inherent and acquired diversity among decision makers and engrain this in their corporate strategies for more social and economic sustainability.




CEO | Co founder | Board Member | CSR & Sustainable development strategist |Public speaker

Trianon Scientific Communication
- Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania

Trianon Scientific Communication uses Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility as differentiation strategies to help organizations be more profitable and competitive.


I help steer organizations towards a sustainable future by adopting sound environmental, social, and economic corporate strategies & trainings.


Our services encompass : consulting, trainings, workshops, public speaking, strategy design & implementation, focuses on environmental & social sustainability (DEI).



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