Charlotte G.

International program manager / responsible sourcing expert
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De 5 à 10 ans d'expérience


Achats responsables


Associations / ONG / Fondation Textile / Habillement / Maroquinerie Technologies / Electronique Horlogerie / Joaillerie Agriculture


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I am Charlotte, after almost 10 years of experience in international project management & responsible sourcing in a multicultural environment, I am enriched of working with Indonesians, Malaysians, Brazilians and Liberians. I am able to work with corporates, local and international NGOs, community groups etc... I am passionate and always looking for innovative ideas and feedback to grow! Contact me I’ll be really happy to have a chat to know each other better!

• Responsible Sourcing of raw materials (Palm oil, Rubber, P&P, Cocoa, Mining)
• International Program management (Indonesia, Malaysia, Liberia, Brazil)
• Strategic negotiation and discussion for responsible sourcing policy and requirements
• Traceability data collection, work with the supply chain to identify the raw material origin 
• Risk analysis and prioritization of suppliers' action plans and requirements
• Putting technology at the service of sustainable development


Member manager / International program manager

Earthworm Foundation
- Lille

Sustainable sourcing project manager, advice on responsible sourcing policy to companies
• Commodities: Palm oil, Wood, Pulp&paper, Charcoal, Soy and Cocoa
• Clients: E.Leclerc, Mousquetaires, System U, Delhaize Group, Casino & Cosmetic Industry (Group Rocher, NRSC, Chanel, Clarins, Estee Lauder, IFF...)


Lead on development and implementation of a third-party independent monitoring mechanism by local people in Indonesia, Malaysia and Liberia

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