Eliane D.

Créatrice de cercles vertueux en entreprise
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Bruxelles et worlwide
De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Bilan carbone Conseil en stratégie RSE / DD Ethique / Compliance B Leaders Audit




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In more than 15 years of career, I dealt with bioethics matters

as parliamentary attach , supported entrepreneurs within a

non-profit, directed the managerial aspects of a fast growing

environmental consultancy company.

The time has come for me to gather my skills, my commitment

and my idealism to bring my added value in what I believe :

when people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their

hearts at home. Let’s give sense to our jobs by getting

involved in the world’s most challenging shift we live, whether

at the economic, environmental or societal level.

I see in SMEs - 90% of the Belgian economy - a huge

opportunity to create a virtuous circle that positively

influences our future. By becoming a better corporate citizen,

SMEs are literally a force for good. Better Business was born

out of my determination to take an active part in the

paradigm change society is experiencing today.



Better Business
- Bruxelles

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