Fleur P.

CMO, project manager senior, RSE innovation leader, CSRD, B Leader
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Paris, IDF, Lille, Bruxelles
De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Alimentation Durable Business developer / commercial Economie circulaire Communication Gestion de projet


Agroalimentaire Déchets / Recyclage


Français Anglais Allemand

I deliver sustainable results. I bridge between Corporates and Start-ups.


As Change Leader with broad FMCG experience in food, mobile app, and furniture design sectors, I want to bring my passion and commitment to bring positive impact through entrepreneurship by:

⇒  hunting for consumers and changing behaviour through marketing tools : gain visibility/ credibility/ sales via off and on-line tools and growth hacking technics.

⇒  turning the strategy into execution with concrete impact of the planet and well being of people: brand positioning and go to market.

⇒  delivering innovation pipeline for corportates looking to innovate with impact and with the SDGs at heart.



- bruxelles

Consultante et coach pour startups a Impact, je suis en charge du pôle food chez BeeFounders. Egalement en charge de la stratégie de communication, je recommande et deploye les actions pour faire connaitre BeeFounders vers nos cibles.

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