Leticia A.

Co-Founder of a platform to manage sustainability data
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De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Coach / Formateur / Facilitateur Analyse de double matérialité Taxonomie / CSRD


Agroalimentaire Distribution / Retail


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I work with companies to help them implement their sustainability strategies, through a double materiality analysis based on the CSRD and the European Sustainability Stadards (ESRS). 


As co-founder of a platform to manage sustainability data, I help small and medium-sized companies to setup their strategy on sustainability and do a basic reporting in an easy way. By using our online platform,  companies learn how to produce their sustainability metrics without having to devote too many resources.


I also do teaching within companies, to advise them on sustainability.


Circular Health Assurance

- Madrid

Identification of the carbon footprint of the health insurance services in an insurance company. Design of a calculator to assess the impact on carbon foot print of alternative modifications in the service.

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