Laetitia G.

Experte et coach en stratégie d'innovation durable
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Plus de 20 ans d'expérience


Analyse ESG Conseil en stratégie RSE / DD Innovation Durable Marketing Coach / Formateur / Facilitateur


Environnement Industrie Pharmaceutique Industrie Recherche Technologies / Electronique


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Expert & coach in Innovation Business/MKG Strategy, & Sustainable Innovation Strategy, I have acquired this expertise during more than 17 yrs in multinational corporations, SMEs & research labs (medical environment pharma industry automotive robotics..)
I consolidated this expertise by studying Mngt & Innovation MKG Strategy at Harvard & Berkeley Universities
I developed a new concept of Global Sustainable Innovation to be applied in a Global Sustainable Innovation strategy for companies
Offers in consulting/coaching:
-Sustainable Innovation Strategy: implementation of a roadmap to set up a global sustainable innovation strategy, CSR policy, sustainable innovation corporate culture, start/set up sustainability, diagnosis, implementation of an innovative sustainable MKG strategy + organization, product/service..., ideation (Sustainable Design Thinking)etc

-Innovation Business strategy & coaching
-Scouting of innovative technos/partners
-Team building Innovation/kitesurf
-Technos expertise


CEO experte et coach Innovation stategy

- international

·Consulting/coaching stratégie Business Innovation pr entreprises: dvlpt business par innovation et Innovation durable, BP, stratégies financière/extra-financière ESG, créativité Design Thinking, open innovation/partenariats, négo licence

·Fondatrice de l’Innovation Thinker Academy, cours en ligne/coaching stratégie d’Innovation

·Speaker auteur int’l: innovation durable, tendances innovation/technos

·Consulting projets innovants, expertise scientifique e-materials

·Team building Innovation/kitesurf

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