Leslie S.

Sustainability professional
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Basée en Haute Savoie - jours en présentil à convenir + voyage étranger OK
De 5 à 10 ans d'expérience


Gestion de projet Droits humains / Devoir de vigilance Dialogue parties prenantes


Associations / ONG / Fondation Collectivités et organisations publiques Conseil


Français Anglais Espagnol Portugais

31-year old wise professional working in sustainable development, trade & environment interlinkages & international cooperation 

9+ years experience in development programs' conception, monitoring and evaluation.

Very dynamic person, hardworking and responsible, who loves to learn and meet new people. 
Public-private partnerships are to me one of the keys to allow sustainable development and green growth.


International consultant on trade policy and environment

International trade centre
- Geneva, Switzerland

1. Support the team on staying up to date with the global developments in relation to trade and investment policies and instruments developed.
2. Contribute to a series of webinars on unpacking recent legislations supporting the transition to a green economy by assisting governments and private sector.
3. Develop further programmes aimed at articulating how trade & investment policies and instruments are to be factored into the policy mix to foster the transition to the green economy

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