Meity Natasya M.

Expert in Sustainability, Non-Financial Reporting, and Decarbonisation
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De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Conseil en stratégie RSE / DD Reporting extra-financier / ESG / DPEF Analyse de double matérialité Evaluation extra-financière Taxonomie / CSRD


Énergie / ENR Industrie Technologies / Electronique Informatique / Télécoms / Numérique Chimie / Parachimie



With 15+ years of global tech-sector experience, I am a specialist in ESG, Taxonomy, Mandatory Non-Financial Reporting (CSRD/ESRD, NFRD, TCFD), and Decarbonization. As an Australian, I am fluent in English. 


Sustainability Strategy: Crafting strategies, decarbonization, and net-zero planning.

ESG Compliance: Ensuring ESG obligations through gap analyses.

Materiality Assessment: Conducting vital double materiality assessments for CSRD.

ESG Reporting: Overseeing internal ESG reporting, ensuring taxonomy-compliant Sustainability Reports.

CSR Governance: Advising on CSR governance aligned with UN and OECD standards.

Financial Oversight: Supporting financial management, budgeting, and administration.

Data & Project Management: Efficient data compilation and consolidation for informed decisions.

Carbon Footprint: Conducting comprehensive global carbon footprint assessments.

Teaching and Mentorship: Vast experience in mentoring.

Contract Design: Designing intricate contracts for tech collaborations.




Sustainability Manager

Gulf Keystone Petroleum
- Erbil, Iraq & London, UK

Ensure legal compliance and spearheading initiatives to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Oversee the process of internal ESG reporting, making contributions to the annual Sustainability Report. Forge net-zero strategies and bestow expertise on sustainability and ESG. Enforce policies encompassing human rights, suppliers code of conduct, resources management, and other critical areas. Create ESG and climate risk registers. Lead the charge in implementing measures like internal carbon pricing.

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