Manoella W.

Chief Sustainability Officer
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De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Business developer / commercial Innovation Durable Marketing Mobilité Durable Communication


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Need to innovate and transform your business models safely to better respond to the market? Want your stakeholders and teams fully engaged in this endeavour? Want to reveal the uniqueness of your brand through targeted communications? I am driving these challenges in a structured, responsible and energetic way.

My ambition is to lead new services/innovation/marketing/CSR activities in responsible, innovative growing businesses with international scope. Drawing up clear strategies. Setting profitable growth ambitions. Driving market development and communication activities through e.g. ecosystem developments, customer centricity and increased customer satisfaction to secure constant EBITDA growth. Developing and inspiring teams to go from good to great. My professional career led me to combine creativity with a strong focus on execution, paying attention to the details that make the difference.

Skill set:
• Pragmatic visionary approach: transform bold ideas into workable plans.
• Excellence in execution: having the courage to get things done and maintain a strong sense of continuous improvement.
• High energy level fostering engagement: having a Fit to Lead approach enables me to initiate new services or innovative approaches whilst keeping people onboard in tough situations like restructuring.

Personality: brave, innovative, passion for excellence, honest and focused. I am often described as a Focused Chief Energy Officer.

Areas of expertise: Crisis Management | Digital Transformation Lead | Innovation for New Services | Commercial Developments and Market Expansion | Partnership Development and Stakeholders Engagement | Digital Marketing Strategy | Communication Strategy (including Media Strategy, Content Management etc.) | Brand Marketing


Managing Partner / Chief Sustainability Officer

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