Pierre C.

Expert gestion de projets complexes et consultant en stratégie d'entreprise
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De 5 à 10 ans d'expérience


Analyse ISR / ESG Business developer / commercial Levée de fonds / fundraising Reporting extra-financier / environnemental Analyse de matérialité


Conseil Finance Technologies

Results-oriented strategy manager with 8 years’ experience. Analyst at heart who evolved to managing complex projects, then to consultant in business strategy planning and execution, with a passion for solving complex problems. Delivered actionable strategic plans at a Big 4 company, a private Mid-Cap M&A Advisory boutique, and startups. International networker (business English, French and Spanish) who successfully launched 2 startups. Now focusing all of my energies towards reversing negative human impact on the environment and animals.

Core competencies include:

  • Strategy consulting

  • Strategic planning

  • Business analysis

  • Complex problem solving

  • Quantitative analysis

  • Project management

  • Process design

  • Change management

  • C-level collaboration

  • Firm-wide communication

  • Key alliances

  • Brand & public image


Owner | Strategy consultant

Spinel Advisory
- -

Through a private micro-enterprise setup in France, led side projects to build up networks, learn new skills and directly impact companies looking for advice or raw manpower. Via this platform:

Successfully founded 2 startups: M&A advisory to startups (shut down) and a news and exchange platform for Sci-Fi aficionados (growing fast)
Developed 2 investor-oriented business plans, 5-year financial forecasts, market study and benchmark
Managed international investor relations for a Canadian gold-milling company, increasing their network and potential investment capability
Provided strategy consulting & created a valuation model for a peer-to-peer currency, defining its go-to-market approach
In charge of business development and relationship management (cold-calling and emailing, client meetings) for a niche Belgian consulting company, placing 4 consultants in two months

Writer and photographer (personal project) at Theia Notes since 2019 - Currently launching a portfolio of photography and essays on topics directly related to the anthropocene based on world travel experience. First article in the works. www.theianotes.com

Global Strategy Supervising Associate

- -

As lead analyst (with one support analyst) on EU audit reform, delivered deep analysis, reports, interactive dashboards and talking points to global executive. As lead analyst (company-wide team of managers and associates) on strategic planning, streamlined key processes and facilitated change management, leading to aggressive targets

Developed strategic insights and delivered actionable solutions leading to key strategic changes
Delivered competitive intelligence, business impact and financial analysis, helping leaders make well-informed decisions on complex problems
Developed and managed firm-wide communications, aligning the company to common targets
Project manager for global revenue planning refresh FY19, leading a global change management effort
Led the Global Strategy team’s digital transformation making the team more efficient, always informed and able to discuss all projects (hence better representing the team internally) - and slashing costs

Acting Strategy Officer

New Internet Media
- -

Led the strategic development of a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup aiming to solve modern issues in the ownership of, and payment of royalties for, content under copyright - from music to user-generated content (UGC). Managed the senior executive team (world renowned artists and technologists), developed the branding and communications and set up internal processes and tools

Performed market and competitive analysis leading to strategic positioning
Designed and implemented the group of companies' strategy, leading to tight integration of programs and a clear roadmap to launch
Coordinated CEO office, founders, board of directors, teams to gather engagement and alignment
Built partnerships with relevant companies (banking, technology, communication) in multiple countries that complemented our competencies
Designed, wrote, developed and managed distribution of websites and newsletters that led to higher engagement from investors and clients

Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst

Largilliere Finance
- -

Hand-in-hand with the local Partner in Brussels, built a country-wide network of clients and partners. Led the design and development of an international partnership with similar generalist M&A boutiques and strategy advisor firms. Led the development of financial analysis, information memorandums and pitched for international small to midcap SMEs

From origination to execution: financial analysis, information memorandums, teasers, and targeting, delivering a full package of services to our clients
Advised clients on strategy, external growth and debt and equity financing, leading to 4 successful fundraisings and 1 successful merger
Developed and executed commercial plan for France and Belgium, making 7 new cross border clients
Co-led the creation of an international network of 5 partners from the UK, Germany, Israel and the US

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