Raphael L.

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De 10 à 20 ans d'expérience


Conseil en DD Eco-conception / ACV / Eco-design Economie circulaire Transition énergétique


Énergies renouvelables Environnement Technologies

Passionate entrepreneur data driven, I have work experience in multinational companies, start-up environments and NGO :

5 Years of sales experience with big French and US Telecom companies (B2C and B2B worlds).
2 Years of consulting :
1Y/ Ideation and innovation
1Y/ Performance Analytics, Business intelligence and Planning
4 Years of Entrepreneurship, as Cofounder and CEO of Accoo. I am now shareholder & non executive board member
2 Years on NGO : I started founding ECOLO HEORES : an Ecologic Application to help people to be ecologically friendly then I joined the worldwide NGO WWF in France to work on a similar project : We Act For Good !

I will be happy to advise entrepreneurs or companies, especially on sustainable projects, don't hesitate to contact me.


+33 6 73 27 10 50


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WWF France
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