Sylvia G.

Co-directrice des programmes
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De 3 à 5 ans d'expérience


Business developer / commercial Innovation Durable Levée de fonds / fundraising Communication


Environnement Formation Social

My experience is focused on entrepreneurship, project coordination and business development. In fact, I have worked with startups, including social ventures, in Europe and South America in the last 4 years. Thanks to those experiences, I have developed a strong capacity of adaptation in different social and cultural frameworks. I consider myself hardworking, reliable and good at team work. Likewise, I enjoy working at challenging and dynamic environments. Finally, I am leaned to businesses with a responsible management that impact our society in a positive way.

In my current experience, I am developing a strong knowledge about innovation, entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship, and mixity issue in the tech industry. I am dealing with corporate (FDJ, Rothschild & co, EDF...), but I am also coaching startups everyday, so I understand those two worlds.


Assistante chef de produit

Rip Curl
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- Analyses statistiques et études de marchés
- Support à la création des collections
- Collaboration avec les équipes de design et de production
- Analyse concurrentielle et rapports

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