Victor B.

CSR Manager
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France, Asia
De 1 à 3 ans d'expérience


Conseil en RSE Reporting extra-financier / environnemental Coach/formateur Audit & Certification


Conseil Environnement Mode éthique / luxe

Pro-active and passionate Textile Engineer, I started my career in Bangladesh being closer from textile factories to increase my field experience and to be able to understand challenges of tomorrow. I lived in Bangladesh for 2 years and then moved to Shanghai.

For almost 3 years, I worked with environmental and social auditors and had visited more than 100 textile factories from spinning to finishing all over Asian and eastern European countries. I have conducted environmental and social audit during the last 3 years. I was working in the environmental operations of a third-party company specialised in textile industry for two years and then was in charge of developing the training and follow up program for auditors.


CSR Performance Manager

AQM Textile
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I Auditor’s training
- Develop and implement the on-boarding and continuous training program of all auditors (36 social and environmental auditors worldwide)
IIAuditors’ performances driving
- Continuously assessing and driving auditor’s performances (Reporting KPI, ethical KPI, field assessment, off-site assessment, e-learning platform...)

Environmental Operations Manager

AQM Textile
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I Environmental Audits
- Organized the 2018 and 2019 environmental audits campaign of French and international textile brands and retailers in several countries (Asia and Europe). Managed more than 100 environmental audits booking, follow-up and environmental audits. Key contact for the customer for environmental expertise.
- Developed and improved internal instructions, procedures and checklist to help auditor understanding how to conduct an environmental audit
II Internal and external environmental training
- Continuously train a team of environmental auditors (5 in China, 3 in India, 3 in Bangladesh, 1 in Turkey, 1 in Pakistan, 1 in Cambodia and 1 in Vietnam)
- Conduct external Environmental awareness training for factories and for schools (audience of more than 50 people)
IIIConsultancy projects
- Ex: Wrote the Environmental auditor guideline of a French brand initiative to be used by third parties and auditors

Environment Back office

AQM Textile
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I Report checking
- Analyzed audit reports from each country and discussed with the auditors to get their feedbacks concerning missing or confusing points in order to finalize the audit reports before sending to the customer. Checked more than 100 environmental audits from Asian, African and West European countries.
IITraining for environmental auditor
- Developed a training plan and training tools and evaluation exams for internal auditors (including factsheet, quizzes and in-situ tools to assess their skills and
IIIInvolved in consultancy project along with the Environmental Operations Manager
- Ex 1: Created Environmental fact sheets to be used by factories to understand how to implement environmental requirements
- Ex 2: Assisted French brands to develop an environmental code of conduct and to start the environmental audit approach

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