Victor B.

CSR Manager
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France, Asia
De 1 à 3 ans d'expérience


Conseil en RSE Reporting extra-financier / environnemental Coach/formateur Audit & Certification


Conseil Environnement Mode éthique / luxe

Pro-active and passionate Textile Engineer, I started my career in Bangladesh being closer from textile factories to increase my field experience and to be able to understand challenges of tomorrow. I lived in Bangladesh for 2 years and then moved to Shanghai.

For almost 3 years, I worked with environmental and social auditors and had visited more than 100 textile factories from spinning to finishing all over Asian and eastern European countries. I have conducted environmental and social audit during the last 3 years. I was working in the environmental operations of a third-party company specialised in textile industry for two years and then was in charge of developing the training and follow up program for auditors.


CSR Performance Manager

AQM Textile
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I Auditor’s training
- Develop and implement the on-boarding and continuous training program of all auditors (36 social and environmental auditors worldwide)
IIAuditors’ performances driving
- Continuously assessing and driving auditor’s performances (Reporting KPI, ethical KPI, field assessment, off-site assessment, e-learning platform...)

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